Working with Children

Educational Psychologists mainly work with children from the ages of 0-25. We work using a consultation approach which means we advocate working with the family and the school in order to build a holistic picture of the child and to support them reaching their full potential in all aspects of their development.

We use a range of assessments to identify the strengths and challenges the child may be experiencing with their learning. We assess students who may be experiencing difficulties which relate to

  Learning Needs




 Processing and Memory Difficulties

Attentional and Concentration Difficulties

 Gifted and Talented students

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

Initially we will offer a phone consultation in order to gain an understanding of the child’s needs and your concerns too. In order to gain a full picture of your child we will often ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire with their developmental history too as well as provide information that you feel will be helpful from school.

Following this we will meet and we will complete a detailed assessment of your child in a relaxed setting. This will involve completing Cognitive and Standardised Assessments. We will also use a number of therapeutic tools to gain a holistic view of your child.

On completion of the assessment we write a detailed and comprehensive report focussing upon the strengths your child has as a learner and also some of the challenges they are facing. In some cases it is helpful to reach a diagnosis which will assist in understanding and supporting their difficulties, therefore decreasing his or her barriers to learning.

We offer a feedback session to you and the Nursery, School or College in order to discuss supportive recommendations for their learning plan. In some cases this may mean accessing additional examination time or accommodating the school day to suit your child’s needs.